A Guide to the Beef and Butter Fast

The purpose of the beef and butter fast is to throw your body into ketosis while ridding yourself of foods that may stall you in your weight loss. While this 4-day challenge is not recommended as a regular diet, it’s a method that can jumpstart your keto lifestyle, or help you to overcome a plateau in your current keto diet.

Ketosis is the metabolic process your body enters when it has depleted its stores of glucose (sugar) and starts to burn stored fat. The result is a conversion of fat into ketones, that build up and produce desirable effects including weight loss, cellular repair and improved mental health.  

A strict 4-day beef and butter fast consists, surprisingly, only of beef and butter. The idea of a keto diet is to consume foods that are very low in carbohydrates, high in protein and high in fat.

By heavily restricting the available options of food, you eliminate any variables that may stall ketosis. Using a strict beef and butter diet as an “induction phase” is a great way to jumpstart ketosis, build confidence in and continue to practice the keto diet. 

Below we outline a plan for your 4-day beef and butter fast and provide you with tips on how to manage, maintain and conquer the challenge.


While it is not always necessary to track numbers, many find the structure helpful.

As you prepare for the 4-day beef and butter fast, it is important to know exactly what supplies you will need. Remember, your body will be going through something new as it is, so there is no need to add disorganized stress on top. 

Start with calculating your ideal food intake, or the optimal breakdown of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat) you will need to consume per day. This can be done with a little bit of baseline research, or you can use a handy macro calculator online

After you understand how much you need to consume in order to achieve the desired result, start planning your meals for each day. Remember, stay strict and don’t allow yourself any deviations. Examples of beef and butter fast meal plans can be searched online, or you can click here for some inspiration. The higher quality beef and butter (and the more organic), the better the results. 

Finally, have some accessories and add ons ready to set yourself up for success. Make sure you get a notepad or a journal to plan out and document your challenge. Not only will this be useful to track your progress and monitor your moods, but you can carry it on when you continue to go keto following the fast. 

Make sure to have a few diet supplements on hand to ease the stress on your body’s cravings. If you’re a coffee drinker, don’t fret. Coffees are allowed and even recommended in order to speed up metabolism.

Make sure, however, to skip the cream and sugar, and opt for a bulletproof coffee instead.

Finally, we believe that you can make it through the full 4 days, but just in case you need a substitution to get you over the hump, you can find a list of them here. Maybe stock a few of these for a worst-case scenario. 


Once you’re properly prepared, it’s time to start your fast.

Remember, follow the meal plans and stay disciplined- you’ll thank us later. The keto diet is a flushing diet, so make sure to be replenishing your electrolytes constantly. Have some pink Himilayan salt on hand, and use it freely. Drink lots of water. If you start to get a bit of a headache, feel lightheaded or constipated, it’s a sign that you are dehydrated, so replenish! 

Some fasters prefer to weigh themselves every morning, and others wait until the final weigh-in on day 5. Regardless, do a weight check at the beginning and monitor the results in your journal.

If you normally workout, you can maintain your regular routine with no change. If you don’t normally do an extensive amount of exercise, it is not recommended to start while you are doing the beef and butter fast, as the added stress on your body could cause bloating or fatigue. 

Remember, this challenge should be fun. Don’t get frustrated if you slip up, just get back on track and work on that discipline. 

Post- Fasting Life

After you have completed the beef and butter challenge, be sure to do your final weigh-in and track your results. Write down how you feel, what differences you have noticed in your other activities (sleep, focus, digestion), and what sort of effects you have felt on your physical body.

Don’t worry if you didn’t lose a significant amount of weight- remember this fast is meant to get our body into ketosis. Once we are in ketosis, we need to maintain a diet that will allow fat to burn efficiently. Avid keto dieters might do a beef and butter fast challenge (or equivalent) every couple of weeks, or every week! 

If you have previously been on a keto diet but noticed a stall in weight loss, this challenge is a great way to push through that stall and continue the progress. 

If it is your first go at this sort of thing, look into other keto challenges or make your own using some of the substitutions. Low carbs, high protein and high fat. Make sure not to wear down your body too much- if you’re new to this stuff it might take some time to adapt. But remaining determined to challenge your metabolism with new keto foods and creative combinations will continue to yield positive results. 

Happy beef and butter fasting!

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