Katie L.

Get to know her!

Keto Before and After | Weight Loss | Katie L.
  •    5 ft 6 in height
  •    Female
  •    28 years old
  •    Keto-ing for 12 months
  •    Started at 236 lbs
  •    Lost 71 lbs so far
  •    Wants to hit 145 lbs
  •    Prefers a “Meat Lover” diet

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m Katie! I’m a customer support supervisor, based in New York. Since starting this lifestyle, I love yoga, running and kickboxing. I’m a music nerd, a massive sports fan, and a Disney nut!
Habits & Mindset

What motivated you to try keto?

I actually stumbled upon r/keto one day, and decided to give it a try. I had nothing to lose. I found out that my boss was doing the same thing, in a different city, with huge success. My first go at keto was super tough, and only lasted 30 days. Once my friend from college asked me to be in her wedding, I knew I needed to get back to keto and really stick to it. I wasn’t going to let myself be huge in her pictures.

How often do you cheat on keto?

I’ve had maybe 6 cheat days since I started a year ago. 2-3 were planned and the rest were unintentional. I have no problem getting right back on the horse, but my problem is how I get to the cheat. Typically, I’m fine saying no to things, but it’s difficult if I’ve been drinking. Those are the times when I struggle.

How do you get (back) into ketosis?

Jump right back in! Bulletproof coffee to start the day, and then as close to zero carbs as I can get. Buffalo wings are a perfect treat for those days. I don’t feel deprived, and I can stay super low carb.

Do you track your weight/ketones/blood glucose/macros or anything else?

My weight and my macros. I’m a data nerd, both, for a living and as a person. Having quantifiable data has been key for me.

How supportive were your friends & family when you started?

My friends are super supportive, but don’t fully get what I’m doing. My parents are both medical professionals. While my mom supports it (and now follows a keto diet herself), my father is still wary.

Has your weight loss ever stalled?

Oh yeah, I’ve hit king stalls. I’ve tried carb ups, full on cheat days, cutting dairy, cutting sweeteners, chugging water. Mostly, the only thing that helped is just sticking to keto and giving it time.

What other benefits have you noticed?

I sleep less, but better quality. My skin cleared up. My PCOS has improved. My confidence has soared. My life is 180 degrees different these days.

Did you encounter any obstacles to pursuing keto?

I’ve struggled with work events and some social events. But for the most part, I’ve been able to adapt to most situations.

Have you had any side effects to keto?

I’ve been hit with keto flu, and I struggle with slower recovery when I work out. It’s just a lot of making sure I’ve got my electrolytes balanced and Motrin!
Food & Fun

What’s your typical day of eating look like?

My days are pretty much the same! BPC (bulletproof coffee) for breakfast, nuts/meat sticks/cold cuts for snacks, a salad or meat/veggie/sauce combo for lunch and either the same for dinner, or a massive bacon, egg, cheese and veggie scramble. I live on sparkling water and the occasional diet soda.

What’s your favorite home-cooked keto meal?

Crack slaw!! There are a million variations, but mine is typically ground pork, cabbage, broccoli slaw and ginger, garlic & soy sauce.

What’s your favorite restaurant meal?

I’m from NY, so any time I can get a deli to make me an Italian combo with oil and vinegar as a salad, I’m happy.

What’s your biggest non-keto temptation?

Fries. I miss fries so so so much.

Anything else you’d like your readers to know?

Be kind to yourself. This is a hard journey, and working on the outside is the easy part. Give yourself time to adjust. I’m down 71lbs, but I still see the fat girl in the mirror some days. It’s a process, and it can’t be rushed.