The Best Keto Road Trip Snacks

Last Updated on: 16th November 2023, 07:59 pm

Being on a keto diet can make travelling difficult… In order to stay in ketosis (the state at which your body is burning fat), you have to be careful about what you’re eating… This means that you can’t afford to just go into a gas station and pick up any old snack.

If you’ve been worrying about your upcoming road trip, worry no more!

This list is going to act as your complete guide to the best keto road trip snacks so that you can enjoy your road trip without concerning yourself with what you’re going to eat or feeling like you’re missing out.

 We are going to split this guide up into two categories- snacks you can pack before you leave and snacks that you can buy out.

Happy travelling!

Snacks You Can Pack:


When you don’t want to spend time packing specific snacks for your road trip, why not just pack up some of the leftovers from your meals the day before? This means no extra work for you and an easy on-the-go snack!


Nuts are one of the best keto snacks you can find. They’re filling, nutrient-dense and high in fat. However, not all nuts are a good idea when you’re on a keto diet as some are higher in carbs. Fill a box with brazil, macadamia and pecan nuts. These are the nuts that have the lowest amount of carbs and they’re pretty tasty too!

Protein Shake

Keeping your protein intake up whilst out on the road can be hard… Preparing a protein shake is a super quick way to get ready to sustain yourself with the right nutrients through a long road trip!


Eggs are pretty much seen as the staple food of the keto diet. An average egg contains almost 6 grams of protein and less than 1 gram of carbs. Eating eggs is also known to promote the feeling of fullness. Boil up a couple of eggs, sprinkle on some chives or other herbs, place them in some Tupperware and you’re good to go!

Keto Bars

It’s a good idea to stock up on some high-quality keto bars before your road trip since these can be difficult to find out on the road. Make sure to choose a bar that is super low in carbs and high in fat. Watch out for additives too.

Canned Tuna

If you’re going on a really long road trip and you need to get your car or van stocked up, it can be great to include some longer lasting snacks like cans of tuna! If you don’t want to just eat tuna straight from the tin, combine it with some pre-cut vegetable slices for a really healthy snack.


If you’re looking for a slightly lighter snack, olives can provide a really delicious little boost of nutrients. They are also a great source of plant-based fats.

Snacks You Can Buy:

Dark Chocolate

You should only have dark chocolate in moderation whilst on the keto diet. However, as a treat for an awesome day out, dark chocolate is a great keto-friendly snack.  Just make sure to double check the statistics on the back of the packet to check specific carb count.


If you have access to fresh fruit and you’re looking for another sweet snack, berries are a great keto road trip snack! Just watch out for blueberries as they tend to have more carbs.

Pork Rinds

Pork rinds actually contain zero carbs so they’re a really great snack for crunching at on a road trip! The only thing that you need to bear in mind with pork rinds is that they are fairly processed so you shouldn’t consume too many of them.

Slim Jims

We all know how addictive these meaty snacks can be! They’re also great for a keto diet so, as long as you are mindful of your sodium levels, you have no need to feel guilty picking up one of these at a gas station.


Cheese of any kind is always going to make a great snack. Picking up a Babybell (or five) at a gas station is going to give your body that quick hit of fat and protein that it needs.

Fast Food

Sometimes, when on a road trip, fast food is unavoidable… In order to make your fast food more keto friendly here are some key things to bear in mind. Always remember to ask how something has been made if you are unsure as sauces and dressings can contain a surprising amount of carbs

  1. Always ask for no bun and no ketchup on your burger.
  2. Get a Subway salad rather than having bread.
  3. Fast food breakfast “sides” (like sausages and bacon) are great.

It can be difficult, when faced with hundreds of carb-heavy, fast food options at a gas station, to know what to do. You might feel like you’ll be more likely to give in to your cravings…

In reality, however, you don’t need to worry.

Sticking to a keto diet on a road trip doesn’t have to be stressful… All it takes is a small amount of time to prepare some tasty alternatives and a plan for when you’ve run out of snacks from home.

This guide is definitely going to help you savor those long drives out so be sure to bookmark it for future use!